The Concord Review

Most online literary journals focus on fiction writing and photography. But there are also those that focus on nonfiction. Take the case of The Concord Review. It’s one of the few online publications that focus on essays. In fact, it is the only quarterly journal that would publish academic papers on history. So if you’re interested in writing anything related to history then, The Concord Review’s the one for you.

Established in 1987, The Concord Review provides an avenue for high school students across the globe to have their history essays published. Since its conception, it has published hundreds and thousands of essays from students belonging to over 35 countries. The best part is that it has built a steady stream of readers. Schools and universities from almost 38 countries would subscribe to The Concord Review. This alone provides plenty of opportunities to its writers. High school students can include their published essays as part of their college application.

If you’re interested in sending in your submissions, do note that The Concord Review is strict in implementing its guidelines. You can choose to join either the short or long essay category. For the short essay section, your essays have to fall within the 1,500 and 2,500-word limit. For long essays, it should be at least 4,000 words. You can go beyond that. The longest essay they’ve published spanned over 21,000 words. Take note also that your essays should never be previously submitted either for academic purposes or in any other publications. There’s no specific topic. You can write about anything as long as it’s related to history. It can be ancient or modern. It can revolve around foreign history or domestic.

In doing so, remember that this is a pretty serious publication so include Turabian footnotes and bibliography in your essay submissions. And read your essays before sending them in. Be sure to proofread them and rectify accordingly in such a way that your work will possess the proper use of language and evidence and presents your thorough understanding of the topic that’s being written. It’s good if you can review their past essays here so you can get a grasp on what they’re looking for.

The Concord Review accepts submissions anytime so feel free to send them in once you’re done. Once sent, your essays will be judged and will be eligible for their next four issues.


The Blue Route

Online literary magazines have taken the world by storm. The past years saw the rise of multiple journals that became the perfect avenue for newbie writers. Even universities cannot disregard the fact that these sites allow for the cultivation of the literary writing skills of its students. That is why it has become commonplace for universities to sponsor an online journal for their students. One such university is that of Widener University whose online journal, The Blue Route, has become a top favorite not only for its students but for other college students as well.

The Blue Route is one of the few online publications who pay their contributors. So if you’re thinking of earning some allowance on the side while developing your craft then, The Blue Route is a good place to start. They pay around $25 to their contributors once the work is published. What’s nice about it is run by both faculty and students so you’re sure that your work falls in good hands. All submissions are also reviewed blindly which means that they don’t take note of your gender, age or name so it’s removed of bias and discrimination.

They’re accepting pieces on poetry and prose. For poetry, you can submit up to three pieces while you can do one to three for prose, provided that each does not exceed the 3,000-word limit. You can do either fiction or creative nonfiction. It’s all up to you.

But do take note that they do not encourage any genre writing like romance, horror or the like. Instead, focus on the contemporary life. It’ll be best to combine facets of reality to your imagination in coming up with your piece. They prioritize content above all else. Don’t simply focus on end rhymes or a splash of descriptive words. That won’t do. Emphasize the use of subtle language and build your characters with depth.

Most importantly, go over their past issues here. Take time to observe what they’re looking for and you’ll surely stand a chance.

Assonance Literary Magazine

Most literary magazines feature a variety of genres, from fiction to poetry to photography. But there are also those who focus on a single genre. Take the case of Assonance Literary Magazine. It focuses on poetry and poetry alone. It’s an online poetry publication that has been generating much buzz among the youth for the past year.

Established in 2014, Assonance is one of the newest online publications on the rise. It’s created by Brittany Capps, currently a student at the University of Richmond. Capps, being a huge poetry lover herself, saw the talent that the youth possess. She understood the limited avenues available for young writers like her. Thus, she created her own. Not only can she feature her own works, she can also tap on the potential of anyone who’s interested to share their poems.

Assonance Literary Magazine is open to all students over the age of 18. If you’re interested, you can submit your works anytime. Yes, that’s right. You can send them anytime and they can feature your works provided that you submit an accompanying cover letter that describes you, your passion and your poems. It’s also best if you can come up with around three to five poems before you submit. That way, they can browse through your works and get a sense of who you are and what you’re capable of.

There’s no required number of lines or themes required. The sky’s the limit. You can submit any kind of poetry. You can do sonnets or found poetry or erasure or micro-fiction. The nice thing about Assonance is that it doesn’t hinder your creativity. If you choose to submit via a video then, go for it. If you want an audio then, feel free to do so. There’s no requirement. But just a word of caution, it’s best to visit their site and browse through their featured poems just to get an idea what they’re looking for and what they’re into. It’ll help get your poems published.

Canvas Teen Literary Journal

A canvas is a work of art. A blank one allows aspiring artists to use their imagination and talent to fill it up, beautifying it in the process. A completed canvas, on the other hand, allows its viewers and the general public to admire the work, inspiring them and cultivating their appreciation in the process. It is in this mindset that Canvas Teen Literary Journal came to be.

Nina Alvarez saw the potential of the youth and provided an avenue for the younger generation to display their writing and art skills. In short, she created a canvas for their needs. If you’re intent on publishing your literary pieces, Canvas is a good place to start. Whether you wish to have your work featured or work behind the scenes, Canvas provides you that opportunity. It maintains industry standard in terms of publishing and editing so you’re rest assured that you are in good hands.

The good thing about Canvas is that it features a wide range of pieces. You can either submit a fictional or a nonfictional piece. You can go for short stories, poetry, excerpts from memoirs or novels, plays, essays or any type of creative nonfiction. Just remember that if you’re planning on submitting a fictional piece, it should be within 5,000 words. For poetry, it could be as many as you wish as long as it’s within five pages and for plays, 10 pages.

Canvas openly invites the youth to showcase their creativity. That being said, they do not accept any academic submissions like book reports or school assignments. They encourage originality. Canvas believes that creative writing is all about letting the imagination flow and producing pieces that are written with utmost passion. Required academic submissions do not normally fall into this category. But if you think that it’s worth more than just an assignment then, you are welcomed to submit it provided that a cover letter is sent explaining your reasons.

Canvas is published quarterly and they’re currently accepting submissions. If you’re interested, check out their website here.

The Claremont Review

The Claremont Review is one of the oldest literary publications in existence. It has become the favorite avenue of aspiring writers and artists to have their works published and enjoyed by an international audience. To date, they have featured writers from almost every English speaking country around the world from Canada to the United States, Africa, Australia, Asia and Europe.

The Claremont Review was conceptualized after a team of young individuals realized that young writers find it a challenge to have their works noticed by the general public. They are usually shunned in favor of adult artists who many deem are capable of coming up with the pieces that the public would love. But what many failed to see is that the youth can equally deliver. Their innocence, honesty and concept about the world as a whole allow them to deliver enchanting pieces. This gap was filled by The Claremont Review in 1992 when it opened its doors to all young writers and artists aged 13 to 19 years old.

The literary journal publishes all types of work, from poetry and short stories to short plays, photography and visual arts. There’s no specific theme required but they encourage writers and artists to focus on showing the real side of the human condition.

If you’re interested in submitting a fiction piece then, keep in mind that it should fall within 5,000 words. You can choose to submit multiple works but each email should not exceed six entries. If you choose to mail your submissions, that’s alright. You can find the mailing address here. But make sure to include your email address. Why? The editors behind The Claremont Review will send you their feedback. You’ll surely learn a thing or two from them.

The rest of the details are covered in their website so make sure to check that out. Submissions can be done anytime and they’ll surely send you their feedback within 10 to 12 weeks.

Boundless Opportunities in Diverse Voices Quarterly

Online literary publications provide opportunities for aspiring writers to show the world what they’ve got. Unfortunately, there are some who only accepts entries from a specific pool of writers and artists. Luckily, there are a select few who don’t, like Diverse Voices Quarterly. This particular literary journal recognizes that talent knows no boundaries thus, they are accepting submissions from everyone, regardless of race, gender, religion, age and sexual orientation.

Krisma founded the online journal in 2009. Since then, Diverse Voices Quarterly has become a favorite platform for both international readers and writers alike. It has featured numerous essays, poems, short stories, artworks and even photos.

If you’re interested in submitting your literary pieces, all you have to do is submit your entry together with a cover letter that talks about your work and what you wish to bring across, a short bio and other basic information. For poetry, you can submit around three to five poems although they’re not very keen on rhyming words. For short stories, you can choose to either write a 3,000-word story or two 500-word short stories. The same goes for essays or creative nonfiction. For artwork and other photography entries, you can only submit up to two entries.

What Diverse Voices Quarterly is looking for is originality. That means your entry should not be published in other sites. Go over their past approved entries to give you at least an idea as to what they’re looking for. The key here lies in the message you wish to bring across. What do you wish to impart to the readers? It should be something memorable that’ll allow them to pause and ponder on it.

They’re accepting monthly entries but if you’re particular on which issue you wish to be featured in, check out their site and go over the reminders and other guidelines. All entries should be sent to but if you’re doing a literary piece, you have to submit it through the online submission manager. The application form for this is also available on their website.