Boundless Opportunities in Diverse Voices Quarterly

Online literary publications provide opportunities for aspiring writers to show the world what they’ve got. Unfortunately, there are some who only accepts entries from a specific pool of writers and artists. Luckily, there are a select few who don’t, like Diverse Voices Quarterly. This particular literary journal recognizes that talent knows no boundaries thus, they are accepting submissions from everyone, regardless of race, gender, religion, age and sexual orientation.

Krisma founded the online journal in 2009. Since then, Diverse Voices Quarterly has become a favorite platform for both international readers and writers alike. It has featured numerous essays, poems, short stories, artworks and even photos.

If you’re interested in submitting your literary pieces, all you have to do is submit your entry together with a cover letter that talks about your work and what you wish to bring across, a short bio and other basic information. For poetry, you can submit around three to five poems although they’re not very keen on rhyming words. For short stories, you can choose to either write a 3,000-word story or two 500-word short stories. The same goes for essays or creative nonfiction. For artwork and other photography entries, you can only submit up to two entries.

What Diverse Voices Quarterly is looking for is originality. That means your entry should not be published in other sites. Go over their past approved entries to give you at least an idea as to what they’re looking for. The key here lies in the message you wish to bring across. What do you wish to impart to the readers? It should be something memorable that’ll allow them to pause and ponder on it.

They’re accepting monthly entries but if you’re particular on which issue you wish to be featured in, check out their site and go over the reminders and other guidelines. All entries should be sent to but if you’re doing a literary piece, you have to submit it through the online submission manager. The application form for this is also available on their website.


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