Canvas Teen Literary Journal

A canvas is a work of art. A blank one allows aspiring artists to use their imagination and talent to fill it up, beautifying it in the process. A completed canvas, on the other hand, allows its viewers and the general public to admire the work, inspiring them and cultivating their appreciation in the process. It is in this mindset that Canvas Teen Literary Journal came to be.

Nina Alvarez saw the potential of the youth and provided an avenue for the younger generation to display their writing and art skills. In short, she created a canvas for their needs. If you’re intent on publishing your literary pieces, Canvas is a good place to start. Whether you wish to have your work featured or work behind the scenes, Canvas provides you that opportunity. It maintains industry standard in terms of publishing and editing so you’re rest assured that you are in good hands.

The good thing about Canvas is that it features a wide range of pieces. You can either submit a fictional or a nonfictional piece. You can go for short stories, poetry, excerpts from memoirs or novels, plays, essays or any type of creative nonfiction. Just remember that if you’re planning on submitting a fictional piece, it should be within 5,000 words. For poetry, it could be as many as you wish as long as it’s within five pages and for plays, 10 pages.

Canvas openly invites the youth to showcase their creativity. That being said, they do not accept any academic submissions like book reports or school assignments. They encourage originality. Canvas believes that creative writing is all about letting the imagination flow and producing pieces that are written with utmost passion. Required academic submissions do not normally fall into this category. But if you think that it’s worth more than just an assignment then, you are welcomed to submit it provided that a cover letter is sent explaining your reasons.

Canvas is published quarterly and they’re currently accepting submissions. If you’re interested, check out their website here.


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