The Blue Route

Online literary magazines have taken the world by storm. The past years saw the rise of multiple journals that became the perfect avenue for newbie writers. Even universities cannot disregard the fact that these sites allow for the cultivation of the literary writing skills of its students. That is why it has become commonplace for universities to sponsor an online journal for their students. One such university is that of Widener University whose online journal, The Blue Route, has become a top favorite not only for its students but for other college students as well.

The Blue Route is one of the few online publications who pay their contributors. So if you’re thinking of earning some allowance on the side while developing your craft then, The Blue Route is a good place to start. They pay around $25 to their contributors once the work is published. What’s nice about it is run by both faculty and students so you’re sure that your work falls in good hands. All submissions are also reviewed blindly which means that they don’t take note of your gender, age or name so it’s removed of bias and discrimination.

They’re accepting pieces on poetry and prose. For poetry, you can submit up to three pieces while you can do one to three for prose, provided that each does not exceed the 3,000-word limit. You can do either fiction or creative nonfiction. It’s all up to you.

But do take note that they do not encourage any genre writing like romance, horror or the like. Instead, focus on the contemporary life. It’ll be best to combine facets of reality to your imagination in coming up with your piece. They prioritize content above all else. Don’t simply focus on end rhymes or a splash of descriptive words. That won’t do. Emphasize the use of subtle language and build your characters with depth.

Most importantly, go over their past issues here. Take time to observe what they’re looking for and you’ll surely stand a chance.


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