The Concord Review

Most online literary journals focus on fiction writing and photography. But there are also those that focus on nonfiction. Take the case of The Concord Review. It’s one of the few online publications that focus on essays. In fact, it is the only quarterly journal that would publish academic papers on history. So if you’re interested in writing anything related to history then, The Concord Review’s the one for you.

Established in 1987, The Concord Review provides an avenue for high school students across the globe to have their history essays published. Since its conception, it has published hundreds and thousands of essays from students belonging to over 35 countries. The best part is that it has built a steady stream of readers. Schools and universities from almost 38 countries would subscribe to The Concord Review. This alone provides plenty of opportunities to its writers. High school students can include their published essays as part of their college application.

If you’re interested in sending in your submissions, do note that The Concord Review is strict in implementing its guidelines. You can choose to join either the short or long essay category. For the short essay section, your essays have to fall within the 1,500 and 2,500-word limit. For long essays, it should be at least 4,000 words. You can go beyond that. The longest essay they’ve published spanned over 21,000 words. Take note also that your essays should never be previously submitted either for academic purposes or in any other publications. There’s no specific topic. You can write about anything as long as it’s related to history. It can be ancient or modern. It can revolve around foreign history or domestic.

In doing so, remember that this is a pretty serious publication so include Turabian footnotes and bibliography in your essay submissions. And read your essays before sending them in. Be sure to proofread them and rectify accordingly in such a way that your work will possess the proper use of language and evidence and presents your thorough understanding of the topic that’s being written. It’s good if you can review their past essays here so you can get a grasp on what they’re looking for.

The Concord Review accepts submissions anytime so feel free to send them in once you’re done. Once sent, your essays will be judged and will be eligible for their next four issues.


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