Lebanon’s Green Blotter

In 1933, Dr. George Struble would invite his students over at the Lebanon Valley College to have some dialogue regarding art over tea. He was a man of profound knowledge and an interesting passion for words. He would frequently invite his students to discuss anything related to literature. Over a cup of tea, they would pour over the past and present trends in the industry and talk about the writing styles of every writer they could think of. When this group began expanding, they formed the Green Blotter Literary Society to allow other likeminded students to take part of their discussions. When their efforts produced great results, they decided that it’s time to reach a wider audience, one that will be available regardless of race and country. Thus, the Green Blotter online literary journal was born.


Green Blotter then, became the avenue for undergraduates to have their works featured. Through the years, it has become a true testament to the vision of Struble to enlighten and inspire hundreds and thousands of students.


If you’re interested in becoming part of Green Blotter, you can check out their wonderful site and take note of their submission guidelines. Currently, they’re accepting works on poetry, fiction, nonfiction and art. For poetry, there are no specifications as to the number or theme but they’re encouraging submissions up to five pages at a time. This will allow them to properly review your work. For fiction and nonfiction, they should be written within 5,000 words. It doesn’t matter which genre you submit. They highly encourage your creativity to flow. For art, you can submit from one to six entries.


The good news here is that they’re currently accepting submissions. Most of the time, their annual review occurs from October through February. So if you have a literary piece that you’re dying to get featured or you’re coming up with a new one then, it’s a good time to submit to the Green Blotter!


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