Glass Kite Anthology

Writing literary pieces and submitting them to various online literary publications can get quite frustrating at times. It calls for continuous tweaking and editing to fit in the desired themes and other requirements of these publications. The good news here is that not all publications impose rigid guidelines on your pieces. There are those that freely encourage the passion and talent of aspiring writers to shine. One of these is that of Glass Kite Anthology.


Glass Kite Anthology is an independent, non-profit publication for literary and arts. They pride themselves for featuring uncensored literary pieces. Yes. You’ve read that right. It’s uncensored which means that they don’t try to fit each work according to their preferences. No. They wanted to be as true as possible to their vision in becoming a suitable platform for aspiring writers. But although censorship is lifted, there is a need to observe proper decorum in dealing with an international audience. This means that you have to be sensitive to discrimination and respect one another’s differences in religion, race, gender and beliefs.


They accept all types of works, from poetry to prose to visual arts. You’re welcome to submit around three pieces every time. They really mean it when they say that they want to be your writing avenue. They invite everyone to unleash their potential and write to their hearts’ content. They hope that they can be wowed, both in style and content.


But do keep in mind that it’s best if your work does not exceed 5,000 words for short stories and 1,000 words for flash fiction and prose poetry. The rest is up to you.


Glass Kite Anthology publishes their journal on a quarterly basis. If you’re interested to send in your entries, you can still make the cut for their winter issue.



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