Hanging Loose Press

Since 1966, Hanging Loose Press has recognized the talent that high school students have to offer. They understood that these talented individuals have little opportunity to let their works be published thus, the publication created a special section for them. The demand was so huge that this special section became a regular section. Since then, Hanging Loose Press became a favorite publication among students and universities alike.


Back then, Hanging Loose Press started as an envelope full of mimeographed loose pages. Why? They believe that poetry is not to be kept hidden. Rather, it deserves to be shown and liked by everyone. This type allows readers to pin their favorite poetry and prose to their walls or boards, allowing their friends and many others to read and enjoy. With the advent of technology, the manner by which they are published has changed through the years but their vision remains the same – poetry is to be enjoyed.


If you’re interested to be a part of this wonderful team, you are invited to send your literary pieces to them. There’s a caveat though. They ask that you do not bombard them with your work. It’s always best to give everyone a fair shot while at the same time, ensuring that your work is given utmost attention. Thus, you can submit up to six poems at a time. For stories, it’s best to submit them one to three at a time only. For book manuscripts and artworks, these are submitted by invitation only. There’s no specific theme involved. You are free to write as you wish so long as it is not previously submitted as part of your academic assignment.


If your work gets submitted, you’ll receive a small fee in return. If not, you’ll still get sound advice and constructive feedback for your works.




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