The Road to Writing Well

What makes a good writer? It is a simple question that has a lengthy answer. Ask many writers and you will get many different answers. If you pick many writers, you will end up getting confused. However, there is still a road that will make you a great writer; a road that have not been traveled by many people.

Writers are made and not born. What will make writing great is you – your thought, your experience and your point of view. It does not matter the kind of writing, everything depend on you. Therefore, everybody has a chance of writing well.

The road to writing well starts with great ideas. This mean you have to search within yourself and figure out what you feel or think about a topic. Only the ideas that are most persuasive and affect your readers most should be put into paper.

Once you have good ideas and examples, you must consider the form in which you want your ideas to appear. That includes paragraphs as well as sentences. In this stage, outline is very important in order to make sure your writing is making sense. Your readers should be in position to follow your arguments without getting confused and hopefully learning from your work.

Sentences structures and word choice depend on your voice of writing and your style. Good writing has definable and consistent voice. In most essays, the voice should be authoritative and confident.


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