Books that Aspiring writers should have

6a010536b33b69970b01a73db68ef3970d-400wiWriting is an art which is learned over time. There are several pieces of advice out there given to aspiring writers . But the best advice is: read read and read. Surely you cannot expect to be a writer if you do not read. Here are a few books you must read as you continue developing your art in writing:

  1. Becoming a writer – Dorothea Brande

This masterpiece has been recommended by some experienced writers as the best in the industry. The book delves on what it take to become a creative writer inside out. It is not a technical book but offers a lot of great advice in a straightforward manner. It is also recommended for beginners who need to learn the art of authoring a book, self-discipline to achieve a complete work and other critical issues in writing a book.

  1. On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft – Stephen King

Stephen King is one best-selling author of all time. This particular book is an inspiring story and a novel full of relevant advice. It gives the insight of how Stephen King developed to become a master of the art of writing in a world full of never ending challenges. You also get loads of tried and tested tips on how to become a writer, for example, use of the passive voice and suggestions on the plot.

  1. As I Lay Dying – William Faulkner

This books is a masterpiece because Faulkner brings out one important thing in this book; there is no perfect way to tell a story. He masterfully uses 15 narrators to tell the story of a family’s quest to bury a matriarch in the town of Jefferson. He also adopts the use of the rarely used narrative device called stream of consciousness writing, a risky move that eventually won him the Nobel Prizefor literature.


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