Writing a Book Review

how-to-write-a-book-reviewWriting a book review involves a critical analysis of its content. In addition, the review must make an argument. It is important to indicate the author and the title of the book being reviewed. For one to write a successful book review, they must consider certain issues including;

Firstly, they must understand the thesis of the book. In essence, this refers to the main argument of the book under review. The person writing the review must also consider how the book’s thesis compares or contrasts with the world view on the subject matter.

Secondly, the person writing the review must understand the subject of the book and ask him or herself whether the author covers the subject satisfactorily and in a balanced fashion. Further, it is important to note the approach the author takes in tackling the subject. This could be chronological or topical. In other cases, it could also be analytical or descriptive approach.

The next thing that a person writing a book review needs to consider is how the author supports his or her line of argument. Here, the reviewer needs to identify the evidence used by the author in support of his or her argument. Moreover the person writing the review should indicate whether they find such evidence to be convincing or not and why. Some of the reasons for finding such evidence not convincing could be that it contradicts existing evidence by other authors.

Further, the reviewer must seek to point out how the author structures their arguments. In doing so it is important to identify the parts making up the whole book after which he or she should give their opinion on whether the author convinces them or not. The opinion given must be objective and backed with reasons

Finally, the person writing a book review should state how, if at all the book has helped them by adding to their knowledge of the subject. Would the reviewer recommend it to other readers?


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