Tips to win creative writing competition

downloadIt is never easy to stand out from the crowd but that is what creative competitions are all about. A creative piece of writing needs a little extra time, a lot more creativity and above all, the originality. The following tips will help you add that spark of creativity in your writing that is very much required to win a creative writing competition.

  1. Make an apt start: Never start your story with words like, once upon a time or it was raining heavily, etc. Start with the things that are the ultimate soul of any story, people and conflict. They are the ones that are going to drive the story forward and keep people intact to read on.
  2. Cut your first paragraph: “The first impression is the last impression” is true when it comes to the creative writing. A badly drafted first paragraph can be disastrous for your writing while a lot many stories can instantly be improved by simply reviving the first paragraph.
  3. Don’t write a “spooky story” in the competition: Although Spooky stories are wonderful, still they are not the ones to be written in a writing competition.
  4. Avoid characters that already exist: It is very easy to plug in any existing character in your story, so think twice before grabbing it for your piece of writing to enter a creative writing competition.
  5. Calm down. Keep it simple: Don’t use fancy words: creative writing is all about being creative in your story and not being fancy with your words. All those fancy and complicated words, cut them all. Focus on your story and cut down on your adjectives and adverbs.
  6. Write an ending: Write a story that has an ending and does not end with a dot dot dot! Endings are always difficult to write but they are always worth too!

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