Common Mistakes that New Authors Make

imagesWriting fiction stories is not always an interesting experience especially for new authors. Despite the fact that the stories are fiction, there is so much to be done including research and editing. These problems are not unique to any one, almost all writers pass through this phase. These mistakes can however be avoided. They include

i) Narrating instead of showing

Writing is an art. It therefore demands that a writer creates vivid images in the mind of a reader. The writing should make a reader see themselves inside the story walking through the images. Telling takes the reader away from the story. To avoid telling and adopt showing, the reader must use vivid descriptions in the story.

ii) Repetition

Unnecessary repetitions in the book make the stories less interesting for the reader. The major usual use for repetition is for emphasis, however an excess of this is not good. To avoid this, the writer must edit his or her work after completion.

iii) Flaws in the plot

Without a plot a book is nothing. Plot flaws mainly includes; slow start, unreliable details, lengthy start and boring long ending or a plot that is not sectioned. A good plot should have three sections: the beginning, the middle part and the end. The beginning and the end should not be too long. Length should be concentrated in the middle.

iv) Poor dialogue use

Most new authors write their dialogue in such a way that it sounds so unnatural. This is a huge mistake but luckily it can be avoided. The dialogue should be made to sound real and too much irrelevant details and emotions should be avoided.

v) Poor editing

Editing is not the same as proofreading. In editing, having patience is very essential. It is also advised that editing should be done by a third party.


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