The secret of creative writing

creative_writing_hscCreative Writing has no particular format or boundary. Like creativity has no boundary so does creative writing. A creative writer can be as creative as he can in his writing. Creative writing does not follow any particular set of rules. The creative writer enjoys full freedom to put his opinion and observation. What is more important in creative writing is your style of writing and how you perceive the world.

All that Creative writing needs is to be an avid reader. Read as much as you can. With reading comes great thoughts and it broadens your mind. Read about different genres, different styles, different tones and different experiences. The more you read, the more ideas you will have to use your own creativity in the best possible manner.

Another secret to enhance your creativity is the research. Perform an extensive research on the subject you want to write. The more, the merrier. Research opens our avenues to that kind of creative part of us that we never had seen. As you will research more, you will have a chance to meet a more creative you.

Rewrite something that holds great significance in creative writing. If a person has written something and you have re-written the same thing in your creative style, both will leave an altogether different impression on the reader. If you read something and feel that you can be creative with it, go ahead! Store that in your memory and try to be as creative in your re-writing as you can. Observation has a vital importance in creative writing. Observe and write.

Lastly, never try to take feedback on your writings from family, friends and relatives but from sincere strangers. Friends, family or relatives will always have a personal touch in their feedback and would never be able to put forth a critic in them while an stranger would judge your writing objectively.


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