Motivation behind our writing

The writing culture has been spreading like bushfire over the past three decades. Schools especially the universities in the recent past have introduced creative writing programs to students and to tutors. This has helped in growing the spirit of writing. The main  reasons as to why we write are as follows:

i)To make a difference in the world

Creative writing is a way of bringing to live many things, both existing and those that do not exist. These things can touch someone’s life and make them change for the better. Writing helps us to create a new world that we never thought could be created.

ii) To build a name for ourselves

Ego is what propels us to write sometimes. Someone who was bullied during his or her childhood will write to prove a point to others. We also write to identify with a particular class of persons in the society who are held in high regard. We desire to enjoy the benefits that come with being in such a class. We also desire to ‘live’ after we are dead through our works just like the likes of Mark Twain,Nicolo Machiavelli and Chaucer among others.

iii) To feel alive

Writing makes us to feel fully alive. It awakens the fearless and happy spirit in us, almost like an aesthetic experience. It feels like for a moment we own the world and nothing else matters.  The world becomes painted in beautiful amazing colours and for that one minute it feels like heaven.

Writing makes see the extraordinary out of the ordinary every day.

iv)To find purpose

We write to find out or rather discover the meaning of so many things including our lives. It is for this particular reason that every story is unique to the person writing it. In every story we find meaning for something.


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