Creative Writing: The Art & Power of Words

Anyone can do writing but Creative Writing is an art with only a few. That is the reason why only a handful of the writers get success with the creativity of their words. Creative Writing is an Art to pen down your thoughts in the most creative manner thinking differently all the while. It is all about bringing together words in a fashion so as to leave an impact and influence the reader. It is an art to engage your readers and set their expectations beforehand.

Another aspect of Creative Writing is that it is the power of Words that has the magical strength. The creative expression of words has powerful effect on the readers. It can make them smile, it can make them cry, it can make them protest, it can give them hope, it can heal their souls, it can enlighten them, it can prove to be therapeutic. In all, a good piece of writing can take the reader’s heart away. The creative the writing, the more the involvement and the enlarged the involvement, the more powerful is the strength of words.

Observation is the pre-requisite to understanding and understanding to expression. To express the views in the most influential manner, it is very important for the writer to be an avid reader and observe all what happens around him. Only after thoughtful observation and discussion, he will be able to express the best of him unravelling the best of his imaginations. It need not be something meaningful, it need not always make sense, it is an art. Enjoy the free flow of words taking you to the world of imagination. Let the writing be free from the designed boundaries of do’s and don’t and enjoy it unravelling in the best of its form.


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