Tips to Excellent Creative Writing

It is fun to write, more so if the intended message of the piece of writing is well articulated for understandability. To achieve this level in creative writing might seem obvious even effortless but just like every other work of art, getting it right takes more than just having the idea. The execution of a thought and its transformation into a conversation with the reader requires a few tricks and tips. Here are four tips on how to get it just right.

  1. Correct Grammar

It is a heinous writing crime to put out work that falls short grammatically. It is particularly so since the new school attitude of throwing grammar rules out of the window cannot be tolerated. Such blatant disregard of the building block of the English language is unacceptable from a serious writer. However, considering that creative writing is not supposed to be as stodgy as perhaps academic writing, a few grammatical errors are forgivable if there is a creative reason for the breach of rules. The bottom line is that there needs to be credibility. Keep an eye out for the correct punctuation such as the correct use of the apostrophe and appropriate use of the first, second and third person.

  1. Be a proofreader

They say human is to error. In realization of this truth, any prudent writer should ensure that his or her work is perfected. That is why proofreading is an essential part in the process of writing. It also allows the writer to do meaningful editing.

  1. You don’t have to get it right the first time

An idea is normally half the battle. The other half is actually expressing it. Avoid the pressure and tease the idea as many times and ways as possible. You never know, maybe the third try is the charm.

  1. Precision

The element of communication is at the core of the writing. In other words, make the work brief and to the point. Avoiding of the use of flowery adjectives is usually the best way to achieve brevity.


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