Do You Have These Better Writing Habits?

There is only one path that leads to better writing, and that is practicing a lot. Though for some people writing is a talent, even the talented writers have to work hard. After all, nobody was born with writing skills.

Developing good writing habits has two advantages. First, good writing habits enable you to write regularly.  By writing frequently, you gain experience in writing, and your work improves.

Below I have listed essential wring habits that will improve your writing skills. Now you have a duty to try and introduce the habits into your routine each week. By the end of the year, you will become an expert in writing.

  • Form a wring schedule and write each day if possible: It does not matter if you will write for three hours or twenty minutes a day, daily writing is important. It I better to write for fifteen minutes daily than write for 10 hours over the weekend. However, if you write for long daily and have longer sessions on weekends, you writing skills will be better.
  • Do not forget to read: you cannot be a good writer if you do not read. The importance of reading widely cannot be overemphasized: read as often as possible.
  • Never procrastinate: The worst habit a writer can have is failing to finish tasks. Shiny ideas will always tempt you away from your current project. Never give in to any temptation.
  • Show your work: share your work with other people. Send a poem to a few friends or post a scene on a blog. Let others assess your writing and help you to improve it.
  • Know your industry and craft: good writers should understand things like spelling, punctuation, and grammar as well as the importance of polishing and editing their work before they share it. It is also necessary to familiarize yourself with the industry- publishing and marketing. Edit all your work, consult style guides and grammar, learn to formant your document, learn about the publishing industry, and try to understand how authors market their work.




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