Types of Creative writing

There are various types of creative writing and different types may change over time. The following are the main types of creative writing:


There are many types of poetry – from rhyming couplets to ballads to free verse. Poets develops their own way and styles of writing their poems.  The poem may be about situations or nature or love.


In the modern world, you may think that essays are something that students write at school. However, essays are forms of creative writing.  It is a piece of writing from point of view of the author, such as their thoughts on literary criticism, politics and so on.

News Items

Although a news item is not fiction, the way that story is organized or phrased involves creativity. Listen to the news and think about how stories are presented.


Novels are popular forms of creative writing. The most famous creative writers are novel writes. Novels can be about any topic and they can be short or long.

Other types of creative writings are novella, short stories, and blogs


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