Poetry Meter and Why it is Important

Poetry Meter is a way of calculating a poetry line, based on the rhythm of the words. But why is it important for you to care?

As a reader, understanding meter will help you to know how poems are written and structured. You will be able to determine which rules a particular poem is following.

If you really desire to be a good poet, knowing about meter will prepare you to be a better poet. Meter will help you know what poets have accomplished in the past and therefore, learn from them. It will enable you to use traditional forms. Being aware of the traditional forms will provide you with more flexibility to use some of them, and even “break the rules” in an interesting way.

Meter is more concerned on measuring lines of poetry, emphasizing stressed and unstressed syllables. Certain parts of words are more stressed than other when we speak, isn’t it?

In poetry, units of stressed and unstressed syllables are referred to as foot. They are various types of foot and the common one in English Poetry is iamb. The iamb’s rhythm is bah-BAH


This is how you should prepare to write a Novel:

Before you write a novel, read many different novels. If you haven’t come across many novels, you will not write a good novel. However, you always have a chance of reading as many novels as possible.

If you don’t know about the genre you want to write, you will hardly succeed to create an interesting novel. I am not saying that you need to read about all types of genres. But you should love the genre you are writing. This mean you will be familiar with literary devices and conventions particular to a genre.

Have you ever written anything? If you are always talking about writing a novel and you have never wrote anything, you will definitely not write a good novel. You must learn to put your fingers to keyboard or pen to paper. Stop wishing to write and write.

Never hate what you want to write. Write what you will also enjoying reading. Life is too short and you need to focus on what really interests you.


Do you want to write a creative content? This article will be about tools for creative writing. From newbie to proficient writers, all use different tools to come up with good and quality work, so what are the best tools to help you realize your writing creativity?


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To be a good writer, you require a good pen. Typewrite.io is the best modern tool that you can find for writers. This site makes markdown formatting easy and enjoyable.


These are the main elements of fiction writing you should know:

  1. Character

There is no story without characters. Characters make the reader love the flow of the story.

  1. Plot

All stories happen to have main characters, but not all have a plot. Both characters and plot are very important, and they go concurrently. The key purpose of a plot is to draw the reader into the reading.

  1. Subplots

Subplots make the story exciting. They support side stories for the main plot.

  1. Conflict

Conflict makes the story interesting. There should be conflict between the surrounding and the main characters. Readers love seeing some disagreements between characters.

  1. Setting

The setting should be believable. You do need to set your story in utopia. Always write a story that looks “real”.

  1. Theme

Theme deals with what the story entails. The reader must be eager to read the story after reading the theme.

  1. Style and Grammar

Grammar and style are very important. Proofreading is good so as to correct the spelling mistakes.

Creativity and Mental Blocks

Have you ever failed to complete a piece of writing? A letter, a report, or a blog article? Do you find that sometime when you sit down to write something and your mind becomes black? That is what we call writer’s block.

From experience as a writer, I have learned that unless I was motivated to write about a specific topic, I will have writers block. Sitting in my chair, my mind entertains random and discouraging thoughts. Those thoughts are like the following:

  1. How should I begin the article?
  2. How should I structure the body?
  3. I do not feel good and I do not know what to do.
  4. Let me look at my email first.


First, to avoid writer’s blockage you need to be aware of the blocks. At any point during your writing, when you are aware of the blocks, you will be able to avoid writers’ block. Second, choose topics that are fascinating and ones you have personally experienced. Third, brainstorm and capture random ideas and roughly organize their flow. Using these steps, you can completely avoid writer’s block.