Creativity and Mental Blocks

Have you ever failed to complete a piece of writing? A letter, a report, or a blog article? Do you find that sometime when you sit down to write something and your mind becomes black? That is what we call writer’s block.

From experience as a writer, I have learned that unless I was motivated to write about a specific topic, I will have writers block. Sitting in my chair, my mind entertains random and discouraging thoughts. Those thoughts are like the following:

  1. How should I begin the article?
  2. How should I structure the body?
  3. I do not feel good and I do not know what to do.
  4. Let me look at my email first.


First, to avoid writer’s blockage you need to be aware of the blocks. At any point during your writing, when you are aware of the blocks, you will be able to avoid writers’ block. Second, choose topics that are fascinating and ones you have personally experienced. Third, brainstorm and capture random ideas and roughly organize their flow. Using these steps, you can completely avoid writer’s block.


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