These are the main elements of fiction writing you should know:

  1. Character

There is no story without characters. Characters make the reader love the flow of the story.

  1. Plot

All stories happen to have main characters, but not all have a plot. Both characters and plot are very important, and they go concurrently. The key purpose of a plot is to draw the reader into the reading.

  1. Subplots

Subplots make the story exciting. They support side stories for the main plot.

  1. Conflict

Conflict makes the story interesting. There should be conflict between the surrounding and the main characters. Readers love seeing some disagreements between characters.

  1. Setting

The setting should be believable. You do need to set your story in utopia. Always write a story that looks “real”.

  1. Theme

Theme deals with what the story entails. The reader must be eager to read the story after reading the theme.

  1. Style and Grammar

Grammar and style are very important. Proofreading is good so as to correct the spelling mistakes.


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