This is how you should prepare to write a Novel:

Before you write a novel, read many different novels. If you haven’t come across many novels, you will not write a good novel. However, you always have a chance of reading as many novels as possible.

If you don’t know about the genre you want to write, you will hardly succeed to create an interesting novel. I am not saying that you need to read about all types of genres. But you should love the genre you are writing. This mean you will be familiar with literary devices and conventions particular to a genre.

Have you ever written anything? If you are always talking about writing a novel and you have never wrote anything, you will definitely not write a good novel. You must learn to put your fingers to keyboard or pen to paper. Stop wishing to write and write.

Never hate what you want to write. Write what you will also enjoying reading. Life is too short and you need to focus on what really interests you.


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