Poetry Meter and Why it is Important

Poetry Meter is a way of calculating a poetry line, based on the rhythm of the words. But why is it important for you to care?

As a reader, understanding meter will help you to know how poems are written and structured. You will be able to determine which rules a particular poem is following.

If you really desire to be a good poet, knowing about meter will prepare you to be a better poet. Meter will help you know what poets have accomplished in the past and therefore, learn from them. It will enable you to use traditional forms. Being aware of the traditional forms will provide you with more flexibility to use some of them, and even “break the rules” in an interesting way.

Meter is more concerned on measuring lines of poetry, emphasizing stressed and unstressed syllables. Certain parts of words are more stressed than other when we speak, isn’t it?

In poetry, units of stressed and unstressed syllables are referred to as foot. They are various types of foot and the common one in English Poetry is iamb. The iamb’s rhythm is bah-BAH


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