3 Inspiring & Great Sites for Creative Writers to Visit

Are you a creative writer who is always aspiring to develop writing skills?. These are some of the best places a professional, aspiring or creative author can visit to enhance their skill and knowledge:


This is a combination of many stories telling projects. It concentrates on picture books. One individual starts a story and invites others to continue. Some groups of artists supply the pictures. The finished work of picture books can be printed, shared online and even made public.


This is a current aesthetic writing community that has been praised for its good work. The site has interactive stories that contain small chapters. It’s totally based around cooperative storytelling, and is maybe the only one of these types of writing sites that a feels good to use.


Bibliofaction focuses on one type of storytelling which is short and not interactive. Here readers and writers meet and they tend to share experiences. There are also inducements given to individuals for instance the short story competition that encourage writers to show off their creativity.


Questions, Curiosity and Writing Ideas

Writers might get bewildered when their search is not always fruitful. However curiosity can inspire them a lot. The following questions might help them have questions that require answers and hence ending up developing new writing skills: why? When? Who? What? Where? Why?

Curiosity Saved the Writer

By using the curiosity, you will definitely have new ideas for writing. For instance, using nature you can derive questions around you like who are we? What purpose do we have in this world? Where are we going to be in the next 20 years?

Questions and Writing Ideas

Curiosity can help you in coming up with fascinating questions and inspiration that will stun you.

Keep Asking Questions

If you keep on raising your curiosity and ways to answer questions you will definitely learn new ideas in writing.

In your projects in writing, you should ask questions. This will help you in overcoming the barriers that are barricading you to success

Questions triggers critical thinking and creativity. The idea is keep your curiosity fueled and for sure you will never run out of ideas.