Creative Writing Tools

So you want to be a creative writer. Then have the following tools:

1. Novels

You need to read any and every short story or novel you come across. You do not need to take notes or think a lot about the stories, just read. Use as much time as possible looking for new books in the e-book stores and read them.

2. Notebooks

Wherever you go you should have a notebook with you. Make sure you write everyday about anything. Make writing a habit.

3. Software

A word processor is good for you if you started writing stories. It makes work easier and clear. Do not tire yourself writing on a piece of paper, even though it has its own satisfying benefits, using a keyboard to type is much easier and fast.

4. Grammar and Style Guides

It takes time to master English grammar. However, a thesaurus, grammar guides and a dictionary are very important for a creative writer.

5. Writing Groups

Writing groups are important because they enable you to meet other writers and test your skills. They also provide feedback, healthy competition and moral support.


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