Secret Tips to Writing a Successful Short Story

What is the secret of writing a wonderful short story? The answer is adding something unique in your story that will capture the readers and editor’s attention. Here are other secrets:

Determine the heart of your story

What is the purpose of your story? If you already have the answer, stick to the essential message. Do not over-stuff the plot of your short story. Make each sentence that you write count.

See things differently

A unique and unexpected voice attracts the reader’s attention. Just be careful that you don’t put nonessential characters in your story.

Craft a strong title.

People get motivation to read from a good title. Let your friends read your story and tell you which of the words in the story stands out. These extracts from your story might be the best title

Shorter is sweeter

Perfect short stories should have fewer than 3,500 words. Avoid writing very long stories. A short story has a higher chance of getting published. Therefore, resist the desire to go on and on.


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