Themes in Stories

Examples of Themes in Stories

What is a theme? How does it influence our stories? Those are the questions we should ask ourselves before looking at examples of themes.

Themes are very important as they engage human attention in a unique way. They should be very appealing, both to you and your readers. When you chose your theme wisely, you will feel obliged to finish your story.

Examples of themes

Here are examples of themes that are mostly used in stories:

Ambition – dissatisfied, very determined to get what you want.

Betrayal – pain of friendship and love

Coming of age – lack of innocence.

Deception – how to lie

Escape – from family, routine, friend, prison

Isolation – emotional, physical or spiritual


Loss – of love, friendship,

Lust – for power, sex


God and Spirituality

Choosing a story of a theme

You should really think a lot before choosing your theme. This is because you will be required to get passionate with the theme you chose. Therefore, put some thought into a theme before you commit yourself to write out your story.


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