Plan for my literary magazine

Hi to all. I’m Lily Yeeun Cho, an 11th grader attending to GVCS. I’m planning for some big stuff; that is, to create my own literature club that would publish my school’s own literary magazine called ‘Oh My G (GVCS)’. I’m thinking of publication about twice or thrice per year. My club will also choose some best pieces out of the ones that are already selected for school magazine and submit them to other literary magazines, such as ‘Daphne’, ‘The Claremont Review’, ‘The Adroit Journal’, and etc. The reason I’m doing this is to encourage young writers or painters for a challenge and help students to find out their hidden talents and develop those abilities through fresh experiences. I’m a little bit worried that students might not participate with passion in submission. That’s why I’m going to promote them with lots of prizes.

 The recent club members gathered are Yoorim Kim, Harim Chang, Sareum Kim, and Jaewon Kim. They are all gifted students who have great interests in creative writing. They will be the ones to help me while selecting best pieces for our publication.

 I’m hoping that my publication would work as I planned and students at GVCS to join in with ardor. Thank you.


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