The Experiences and Challenges I Face When Writing

I have been writing for more than five years. During that period, I have learned that writing is a whirlwind process that needs a lot of work, research, and creative mind. My experience has made me think about the process of writing and what it’s all about. Creative writing is more about confidence, gathering insights, generating new ideas, and trusting the process despite the difficulties that comes.

Here are some of the greatest lessons I have learned:

1) Trust the process

Stick to the writing process no matter the challenges you face. This does not happen instantly, and one has to endure some years of hard work.

2) Ignore the small stuff

There are always small things that come in the writer’s way, but they are just ego, politics or mindless emails. Focus on the task at hand.

3) it is lonely

Sometimes, especially on new material, writing is hard and lonely. So, having supporters is important to keep you energized.

4) Believe in yourself even if you are rejected

Nothing comes easily; it takes hard work and time to get collaborators and supporters for new ideas.


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