6 Ideas for Poem Themes

Writer’s block faces every writer irrespective of experience that one might have. When that happens, you won’t be able to know which topic or style to use. You are stuck. I know that feeling and some years back I had difficulties trying to get out of it. To make things easier, here are some of the themes that will guide you on what your next poem will be about.


Good memories or bad memories? The reader is able to relate what is said when the poem is about someone close.


Romance brings about feelings. When a relationship is spoken about, fantasy comes about and inspires one to want more.

Past relationships

Childhood memories, love gone or broken hearts attract readers.


Have a friend that you will never forget? Just write about him and ensure the poem have a rhythm.


Aw, aren’t those dogs cute! What about that rainbow you saw after the rain? Ohhhh the sunset! A poem about nature is always amazing.


Do you remember the good old days in the cafeteria? Bring all those school memories in your poem. It will be fantastic.


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