Common Types of Poetry you Should Know

To understand the techniques used by poets you have to read various types of poetry. Below are some common categories of poems and structure:

ABC: This five-line poem that attempts to create images and emotions. Although the first four lines can begin with any letter, they should be in alphabetical order. The fifth letter is not limited to the use of any letter.

Acrostic poem: In this type, first letters in the lines spell out a word if read vertically. An example is “Elizabeth”, written by Edgar Allen Poe.

Ballad: This kind of poem has a rhythm pattern. Usually, the poem is accompanied by music. Many ballads are used in western-type movies or country music.

Bio: This type of poem is written about an individual’s trait, life, and ambitions.

Canzone: This is an ancient Italian lyric poem with five or six stanzas and a shorter ending stanza.

Couplets: This is a two-line poem that has a simple rhyming pattern. Both lines should have the same number of syllables and their endings must rhyme with one another.

Other common types of poems you should know are blank verse poetry, elegy, epitaph, and idyll.


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