5 Ways to Create Suspense in Your Short Stories

Your heart is about to come out of its rib cage, your fingers are wet and you turn to next page. The antagonistic has just set another trap. How you wish you could do something to help the protagonist avoid it, but you can’t. Why? You are very helpless, completely at the mercy of the writer. That is what is called suspense. To create suspense in your stories, adopt the following ways.


Use time to make pressure loom. There needs to be a goal that needs to be accomplished.


The distance between your character and his or her goal should be wide. This will surely create suspense. Suspense is created by the desire to reach a faraway destination.


Worry is also a good way to create suspense. Show the readers the tension that is running through your character’s thoughts.


Dangerous environment creates instant tension in a story. Put your characters in a dangerous environment; and the readers will be holding their breath, anxious to know what will happen next.


Suspense is created when the main character is looking for a lost thing. And that thing should be very essential.


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