How to Create Memorable Characters for Your Story

Before you start writing a story, just take some time to create new and fresh characters. Avoid using someone else’s character because you will end up being branded as a hacker. Be a master planner and use your own characters. The following tips will help you to create your own memorable characters:

1) Start by giving your main character a name that is easy to work with. Always remember that you’ll be with this character for a long time, so choose a name you at least like.

2) Make a short biography for your new character. You will be required to decide which physical characteristics suits your character best — hair, weight, eye colour and age. However, these will not be enough. Create a personality outline and include temperament, moral, political stance, hobbies, habits, quirks or eccentricities, likes/dislikes, fears or phobias, short and long term goals and hopes.

3) Remain with the point of view of your protagonist for as long as possible. Build a sense of empathy within your readers for all the information that they uncover through your story. Describe all the five senses that your characters encounter.


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