What are the Main Elements of a Poem?

woman-reading-887274_640A poem has five main elements. These are:


Imagery is what happens when a poet uses words that appeal to our senses. Through his/her words, we perceive ideas and images. Imagery unites the poet and the reader. It is important because it is a language that carries us to a particular time, experience, and place. If the image is effective, the reader understands the emotion that is conveyed by the poem.


The manner in which the poet chooses his or her words is called diction. Every word in the poem is very important. Unnecessary words should not be used because they obscure the necessary language in the poem.


Sound in the poem is very important. Poems are meant to be heard. As poets, we should pay attention to the sound and meaning of language.


Comparing two different things (to help the reader see something in a more meaningful way) is known as metaphor. For example, “Life is a river” is a metaphor.


Theme is the main purpose of the poem. It expresses the poet’s idea about the facts of the world. Examples of the themes include hate, love, fears, growing old etc.







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