Creative Writing Careers You Should Know

Image result for creative writingIf you have passion for creative writing, then you’d possibly enjoy a job in which you could spend most of your time pursuing that passion. Since creative writing is an artistic pursuit, it requires dedication, hard work and passion.

When we think of people whose source of living is creative writing, journalists and novelists come to mind immediately. But are there other jobs for people who want to make creative writing work put food on the table. The following are creative writing career that you can think about for your future.

Greeting card author

Creative writing professor

Comic book writer

Game writer


Creativity coach


Literary consultant


Documentary filmmaker


Freelance short fiction writer

Legacy writer


Travel Writer


Personal Poet



Although you cannot make a lot of money out of creative writing careers right now, just do what you

love. The money will come later. You’ll never know unless you attempt, right? If you think I have not included all creative wring careers, share your thought by leaving a comment.



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