4 Ways to Achieve the Best Ending to your Story

Image result for writingEnding a story can be a frustrating experience. Every person wants a perfect conclusion that fulfills and compliments the purpose of the story. Writers strive to have an ending that leaves their audience satisfied. Thankfully, there are several ways we can tie up our stories.

1. Resolved Ending

If you want everything to be well packaged and put away, a resolved ending is for you. There is no question or guesswork left as the destiny of each character is known. This ending is good for a writer who is concluding a series or writing a singular novel.

2. Unresolved Ending

Basically, this is opposite of a resolved ending. The main plot is left unfinished and destiny of each character is unknown. This entices readers to imagine and make their own ending that satisfies them.

3. Twist in the Tail

This kind of ending catches the readers by surprise. There is an unanticipated turn of events. This ending plays with the readers’ emotions.

4. Tie-Back

This style makes a story to begin and ends in the same way. First, the author reveals the ending before he/she explains how that ending came to be. A clever writer is still able to introduce surprises.





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