Goals that Every Creative Writer Should Set

Image result for Goals that Every Creative Writer Should SetGoals help us to do many things. They keep us focused, and they help us strive to be better. There are different types of goals writers should set for themselves. Today, I will discuss three of them. Trust me, they will help you immensely.

Before I even talk about the three goals, there are three strategies that can help you meet your goals. The strategies include keeping the goals visible, giving yourself incentive and telling someone.

Now, let look at the three different types of goals that you should keep for yourself.

The Daily Goal

The daily goal should focus on whatever you want, but it should be so consistent that it gets you into a habit. For instance, you may decide to “write a journal entryor “write 1,000 words”. Avoid setting goals that are too hard to attain.

The Long-Term Goal

Long-term goals can mean monthly or yearly goals. Duration is not very important; just ensure you stick to a date that you picked. This goal should be set before setting daily goal. An example of a long-term goal is finishing the novel before the year ends.

The Lifetime Goal

What is your ultimate desire as a write? Do you want to have one of your stories made into a movie? Do you want to be famous or rich? Those are types of questions you should ask yourself before setting lifetime goals.





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