How to Deal with Negative Review

Image result for How to Deal with Negative ReviewThe act of making up stories is very vulnerable. Writers take something out of their unfiltered imagination and put it into the form of a product. Unfortunately, writer’s work can be criticized. How does an author deal with a negative review? Here are some ways to handle the stress that comes with being a writer.

1) Remember that reviews are publicity

No matter what reviewers will say, they spent energy and time thinking about your book. Reviews spread the word. If someone criticizes your work, remember, not all people who read the review will agree.

2) List your fears

It’s scary to launch your creative work out to the world. You’re putting your best effort out there for people to see. With a bad review, a person heartlessly disparages what you love. What you need first is to congratulate yourself and admit that writing a book is a frightening thing.

Then, list all the comments you fear most. Some points that you may list are poor writing, the work has typos, it’s not funny. Think about all terrifying elements of a bad review. Always remember that no bad review has ever caused the world to end. In your next creative work, make some adjustments so that you can reduce those types of reviews.

3) Focus on the reviews that brighten your day

Make another list that consists of special words that make you feel good: witty, imaginative, hilarious……Spend time enjoying the reviews that contain those words.

4) Remember that every author gets negative reviews sometimes.

Never forget that even authors of most beloved creative writings get bad reviews.



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