How to Set the Scene for Creative Writing

Image result for How to Set the Scene for Creative WritingKnowing how to set a scene is very important for creative writing. Scenes are the building blocks that make a plot and the falling and rising action of a story. But how do you make a scene and ensure it works towards writing an interesting story? Here are some tips that will help you set your scene when creating a story:

The main location should be described in detail. Draw a plan of the location using all the main landmarks.

Thoroughly describe where the characters in your story live, including rooms and objects. Also mention where your character’s belongings came from, and if possible, the memory evoked by each.

Using all the senses (colour, touch, sound, taste and smell), write a descriptive passage.

Main activities of your characters should be described in detail. Your readers should know your characters’ actions such as showering, bathing, drying hair, washing and playing. Always remember to use strong verbs while describing actions.

To mark the passage of time, describe the seasons and weather in your story.

To create suspense in a scene, use anticipation of a coming summer or spring, or of a coming calm or storm.

Describe your characters’ hidden fears or desires



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