How to Write a Play

Image result for How to Write a PlayA playwright involves actions and drama in their writing. If you want to join the ranks of Arthur Miller, Ibsen and Shakespeare, you need to work with language and characters to develop a story that is meant to be performed in a theatre. With great writing and good vison, you will experience the thrill of seeing your play performed. The following tips will help you to develop an amazing play:

Watch and Read plays

The first step in writing plays is to know the form. Play writers not only read plays but also see them performed. This is important if you want to write plays that work on the stage.

Create characters

To get ideas for your story, start with characters. Your character may be based on real people that you know. What is the name of your characters? What kind of jobs and homes do you imagine for them? What problems are they trying to solve? Writing character profiles will help envisage your characters more fully.

Have a Conflict

Your story should have a conflict. You need to give your characters problems that they need to solve. The life of your character should never be perfect. Happiness is nice to experience, but boring to watch.

Have a good beginning point.

What is the best point to start writing? Do not start a play with the climax, or else your audience will be lost. Have an interesting beginning point that creates suspense.



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