Using Your Imagination in Creative Writing

Image result for Using Your Imagination in Creative WritingEvery person has imagination. To exercise your imagination, think back to your childhood memories. Were you in the garden? Were the stars shining? Were there birds? Keep asking such questions and you will find you have added many ideas to your memory.

We use our imagination to create new stories. There are many ways in which you can trigger your imagination. One of the best ways is by asking yourself questions. Imagine a lion is approaching your house. Ask yourself why it approached your house and who came to help you. Also, you can take ‘you’ out your story and replace it with ‘man’ or ‘woman’ and watch the character develop.

To create characters, simply exercise your mind. For instance, imagine you are walking past a haunted house. Who is there? What or who is lurking in the bushes? When writing, your imagination will always be there for you. You only need to question it and write everything down.

Sometimes you can feel bored or sluggish. There are many activities that can boost and trigger your imagination and help get rid of boredom and tiredness. These activities include reading other people’s work and reminding yourself your writing goals.



5 Facebook Groups for Creative Writers

Image result for 5 Facebook Groups for Creative WritersWhether you’re a fiction writer, a blogger, or a freelancer, you need to interact with other writers in your writing life. Facebook groups are a fantastic way for writers to trade advice, find new opportunities and connect. Here are few groups that writers should not miss.

The Write Life Community

In this group, writers of all level of experience share their wins and struggles. Group members ask each other question. Members also encourage and support each other throughout the writing life.

Calls for Submissions

With over 32,000 members, this group must be onto something. The group collects all submission call for fiction, art, and poetry and collect them in one easy-to-follow place. For writers looking for publication, check it out.

Write On! Online

This group help writers network, troubleshoot and set goals. It attempts to foster a sense of energy and community among its members, who vary in terms of experience, age and writing genre.

Fiction Writers Group

This group publishes three anthologies every year. Whether you are an indie or self-published author, this group is a great resource for support and information.

Writers Helping Writers

Whether you’re established writer or newbie, this group is worth checking out. This community is a great place to learn from other writers, agents, publishers, and editors.


Why Creative Writers Should Study Shakespeare’s Plays

Image result for Why Creative Writers Should Study Shakespeare's playsFour centuries have passed since Shakespeare wrote his last play. However, his characters, plots, and prose are alive now as they were when the plays were initially staged during 16th and 17th centuries. For students who study literature and writing, Shakespearean works are a necessary reading. Although his plot lines are drawn from other literature, what he did with the stories made him brilliant. The plays have been performed in many languages, on screen and stage and at many festivals around the world.

There are several reasons that make Shakespeare’s works withstand the test of time. First, he creates complicated and three-dimensional characters. These characters appear very human– with negative and positive attributes– and regularly question the world around them. These characters appeal to almost any audience.

Second, after taking the stories, he weaved the plots together in captivating ways. He used to take ideas from various sources and put them organised in the episodic structure. Then, he waved a story that attracted attention throughout.

Finally, Shakespeare wrote beautiful poetry. His skills were unparalleled. Many of his quotes are still in common use today. Many people use Shakespeare’s quotes without knowing.

If you are a creative writer, read all the Shakespeare’s work. His work may inspire you to be a great writer.


What Creative Writers Should Learn From William Faulkner’ Work

Image result for What Creative Writers Should Learn From William Faulkner’ WorkWilliam Faulkner was a great fiction writer and Nobel Prize-winner. He offered advice to writers when working at the University of Virginia. His public talks and lectures were tape-recorded and they are a great resource for people who want to improve their art of writing fiction. The following are some tips from the writer on how to write fiction:

Take what is necessarily from other writers

Faulkner believed that it is fine to borrow a useful technique or device from other writers. Therefore, writers should take whatever they need from other creative writers.

Style should not worry you

A good writer doesn’t worry about style. To a great extent, a story compels its own style. Therefore, writers shouldn’t bother a lot about style. If you bother about style, you will write precious emptiness.

Know your characters and you will not struggle to write a story

When you understand your characters well, events in a story flow naturally. According to Faulkner, once you have a character in your mind, and he is true and right, then he does the writing himself. All the writers need is to put down what the character says and does.