What Creative Writers Should Learn From William Faulkner’ Work

Image result for What Creative Writers Should Learn From William Faulkner’ WorkWilliam Faulkner was a great fiction writer and Nobel Prize-winner. He offered advice to writers when working at the University of Virginia. His public talks and lectures were tape-recorded and they are a great resource for people who want to improve their art of writing fiction. The following are some tips from the writer on how to write fiction:

Take what is necessarily from other writers

Faulkner believed that it is fine to borrow a useful technique or device from other writers. Therefore, writers should take whatever they need from other creative writers.

Style should not worry you

A good writer doesn’t worry about style. To a great extent, a story compels its own style. Therefore, writers shouldn’t bother a lot about style. If you bother about style, you will write precious emptiness.

Know your characters and you will not struggle to write a story

When you understand your characters well, events in a story flow naturally. According to Faulkner, once you have a character in your mind, and he is true and right, then he does the writing himself. All the writers need is to put down what the character says and does.






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