Using Your Imagination in Creative Writing

Image result for Using Your Imagination in Creative WritingEvery person has imagination. To exercise your imagination, think back to your childhood memories. Were you in the garden? Were the stars shining? Were there birds? Keep asking such questions and you will find you have added many ideas to your memory.

We use our imagination to create new stories. There are many ways in which you can trigger your imagination. One of the best ways is by asking yourself questions. Imagine a lion is approaching your house. Ask yourself why it approached your house and who came to help you. Also, you can take ‘you’ out your story and replace it with ‘man’ or ‘woman’ and watch the character develop.

To create characters, simply exercise your mind. For instance, imagine you are walking past a haunted house. Who is there? What or who is lurking in the bushes? When writing, your imagination will always be there for you. You only need to question it and write everything down.

Sometimes you can feel bored or sluggish. There are many activities that can boost and trigger your imagination and help get rid of boredom and tiredness. These activities include reading other people’s work and reminding yourself your writing goals.



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