How to Clear Your Way to Creative Writing

Image result for How to Clear Your Way to Creative WritingSome people think that reading a lot of stories qualifies one to be a creative writer. However, reading many novels doesn’t mean you can write one. Creative writing, like a piece of furniture has its own laws of construction, set of requirements that should be learnt. The following tips will help you if your efforts aren’t as fruitful as you’d hoped.

Stretch your writing muscles by doing short exercises

Stuck for idea? Just carry a notebook everywhere and write down any observations. By keeping your ears open in cafes and on bus, you’ll get great lines of dialogue.

Find time of the day when you’re most active

For many writers, writing is the first thing in the morning. Other people work well at night. If you’re not sure, just experiment.

Don’t agonize to get it right.

Every writer has to revise and edit his work. It’s rare that a scene or a story comes out right the first time. After completing the initial draft, leave the story for some days and then come back to it afresh. If you think there are problems in your story but you can’t pinpoint them, just ask another writer to read it and give a feedback.



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