How to Write an Outstanding Poem

Image result for How to write an outstanding poemWriting a poem can be overwhelming. However, with the right approach and inspiration, it is an interesting process. The following steps will help you to write an outstanding poem:

Starting a Poem

Writing exercises are very important when starting a poem. It gives you inspiration that helps you in molding and shaping your thoughts to ideas. The environment can also be of great inspiration. After finding inspiration from the environment, you can now pick a specific idea or theme that interests you. Themes give you a clear objective or goal.

Writing the Poem

Right imageries should be used as they make the poem enjoyable. Similes and metaphor should also be included in the poem as they help the reader to see a clear picture of what the poet mean. Clichés should always be avoided. Use unique phrases that will intrigue or surprise your reader.

Polishing the Poem

When polishing up the poem, first read the poem aloud to yourself or others and listen how the words sound. You can note any words or lines that do not sound correct. Then, share the poem you have written to other poets for their views. Use the response in the revision of your poem.



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