Every Story Should Have a Conflict

Image result for Every Story Should Have a ConflictTo be worth reading, a story must have a conflict. A story without conflict is like flavorless food—it’s tasteless and hardly enjoyable to consume. The root of every story is based on conflict: from Adam and Eve’s story (a man and woman commanded not to eat from a specific tree, but a snake entices them to do so) to Romeo and Juliette (a boy and a girl from opposing relatives fall in love)

In creative writing, conflict can be either external or internal. The most interesting stories contain a fair mix of both. Internal conflicts emphasize emotional and psychological struggle. (i.e.: the more Leon visits the girl, the more he loves her—but he must stop visiting the girl in order to save his mother. On the other hand, external conflict focuses on physical levels. (i.e.: Dr. Stockman tries to take town’s leadership from Peter Stockman)

While the balance, amount, and intensity of the two types of conflicts will vary from genre to genre, writers should incorporate some kind of conflict in every scene. With the right mix of external and internal discord, your story will be very interesting.





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