Character Traits of Every Protagonist

Image result for Character Traits of Every ProtagonistIn all short stories or novels, protagonists are very important characters. Therefore, they traits matter a lot and help them connect with readers. The following are character traits that every central character should have:

1. Curiosity

Curious protagonists want to solve puzzles, mysteries and will want to know things that they might not be supposed to know. This means that they look for clues, take actions, find secrets, and get into trouble because of things they’ve found out.

2. Self-preservation

After curiosity comes self-preservation. If protagonist falls into danger because of what they have found, it can be too much for them. Therefore, sense of self-preservation comes in and aims to make protagonist act in a different way so that he can escape danger.

3. Empathy

People easily connect and like empathetic protagonists. Empathy involves helping those in need. It completes responsibility and duty. This trait enables the protagonist to go above and beyond to solve any mystery.

4. Leadership

To move the story forward, the protagonist should be a leader. A good leader takes action and takes care of his or her people. It creates suspense when the leader fails to protect his people. A protagonist does everything to protect his people and this expands his character arc.



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