Do you think that people might laugh if you told them you have written a poem? Believe it or not, they would most likely be pretty impressed. After all, many world’s respected performers, rappers, and songwriters are poets who channel their voices into the spoken and written word. If rarely write poems, here are three reasons to get started.

It helps you to figure out your feelings

Let’s face it: there is much confusion in life. Maybe a friend said something rude to you, and you didn’t respond. Writing a poem about what happened will certainly help to sort out emotions. You might be feeling angry, nervous, guilty or betrayed. Putting words on paper enable you organize your thoughts.

Form of self-expression

Do you have something that you really want to say? Maybe you’re mad at your dad or mum. Maybe you’re in love. Maybe you’re tired of loneliness. Whatever you want to say, a poem provides a great opportunity to communicate.

Help to see the world differently

To turn a good poem into a great poem, the poet needs to add more details. Writing poem will encourage you to become more observant. For instance, where a layman will describe a lake as blue lake’, a poet will describe the same lake as navy blue lake with small, moving waves that’s filled with beautiful white geese and surrounded by dense, green pines.”



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