Describing something can be the most difficult part of writing prose fiction. Writers have scenes in their head, with all the action and dialogue, but they have to fill in what all things look like. Writing or reading a long descriptive passage is boring. However, there are several ways you can spice it up.

First, to avoid dull descriptions, you have to decide that you won’t go for blocks of boring text. Writers put a lot of effort into making their dialogue quotable and amazing. They should do the same for their descriptive passages. This might sound obvious; nevertheless, it’s an important step.

Second, good writers should engage all senses. The description isn’t just auditory and visual but also includes smell and touch. If it’s a restaurant or kitchen, it may include taste. Mentioning the room temperature also convince the readers that it’s a real place.

Third, it is important to know that description can be vivid and great without being lengthy. When it comes to description vividness, some writers argue that that less is more.

Finally, the description should be dynamic rather than static. Things change, and no place or person has been the same forever. For instance, when describing a person you can say: “Judging from her face, she was beautiful once…”



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